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Virtual Assistance

One-to-one support and guidance to overhauling your library

Even the most thorough and committed reader will, from time to time, have to organise, declutter, catalogue, or move the contents of their shelves and bookcases.

In addition to our in-home consultation services, Book Curate also offers a one-to-one virtual consultation services for people who want a bit of expert guidance, support, motivation or accountability for building or curating their own personal library, but who have a tighter budget or are outside of the London area.

With Masters-level qualifications in Library and Information Studies and hands-on librarian experience, our library curator  will be able to offer you highly focused and professional insights into the best way to organise, declutter, catalogue or move your personal library so that it meets and exceeds your expectations in every way.

Depending on the support you need, we offer 45-60 minute virtual consultations via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp. This allows us to see your bookshelves and make specific recommendations. Depending on your project, we may catch up weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. The choice is all yours.

Whether you need questions answered by a veteran librarian, a bit of virtual inspiration and added accountability to get the process done, recommendations for things like shelving materials, or a detailed written action plan, we will be on hand to support you throughout.

Get in touch today to arrange your first video consultation, and begin your journey to the perfect home library.

Book a virtual package

45 minutes virtual consultation
Follow up emails to summarise points
Recommendations of products and service providers

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Available to UK and International clients
60 minutes virtual consultation
Customised step-by-step action plan
Recommendations of products and service providers
Additional time spent on background research on your behalf
Additional follow-up email 1 month after call

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Available to UK and International clients
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