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Catalogue my library

If your library feels like a labyrinth and you struggle to find a book, it’s time to catalogue your collection 

Book Curate offers the service that will allow you to regain control of your collections and organise your bookshelves in a way that suits you. You’ll never have to doubt to recall whether you own a book or not ever again. 

When you choose Book Curate, you’ll work with a cataloguing librarian with expertise. They’ll catalogue your books professionally, eventually resulting in a collection that you can access and browse on the go via a mobile app or document, giving you all the details you need in an instant.

There’s a wide range of benefits that comes with having your library professionally catalogued. In the event of an accident or disaster such as fire or flooding, for example, a comprehensive catalogue can help you to rebuild the collection and ensure you get the insurance payout you’re due.

Working with Book Curate means taking advantage of a professional and comprehensive service that goes a step beyond. Sometimes, deeper investigative work is required and we can do that work for you as part of our cataloguing service post-consultation. We’ll find the approach that works best for you and your personal library.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with Book Curate today if you’re interested in having your library carefully and expertly catalogued by a librarian with years of professional experience.

Cataloguing costs
Setting up cataloguing app software
Basic catalogue of books
Creating in-home classification systems
Follow up email instructions
£250 per day
50% deposit required
Outstanding amount paid after session
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