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Bookshelf decor to style your library this Christmas

Make sure your library has that all-important festive feel with bookshelf decor this Christmas!

We are getting close to Christmas, so you need to make sure that your home or studio library has that festive feel. After all, it has been a difficult year, and there are a lot of different ways that you can make sure your library has that all-important festive feel. With that in mind, here are five places you need to shop at for your Christmas bookshelf decor.

Hudson Home

Anything from coffee table books and coral to jars and decorative objects
Hudson Home has a lot of beautiful products that can help style a bookself beautifully. One of our favourite products is the Elkhorn Coral. This is a sculptural piece, which has a stunning white textured finish, making it perfect for the winter months. This can be the perfect adornment to place on your shelves as bookends. It will add lots of style to your library, and it is perfect if your business is placed in a coastal location.

Finding Eve's Roots

A Hertfordshire based black-owned business selling art and wellbeing prints
We adore Finding Eve’s Roots! A picture says a thousand words and these sleek illustrated prints capture the essence of self-love and embodiment with depictations of women with kinky, coily, curly and wavy hair. They come in numerous size perfect for decorating any wall or booknook.

Prick London

A potted cactus and succulent store in London
Adding some greenery to your library is a must. There are lots of low-maintenance, high-quality plants for sale at Prick London, which is just what you want for your home of office library. Opt for Christmas themed foliage or cute cacti to adorn your bookshelves or window sills.

Toup Ceramics

Hand-built ceramics by London-based ceramics
There are some stunning ceramic pieces that you will find at Toup Ceramics, which will add some contemporary style to your home this Christmas. One of our favourite pieces is the Moon Vase, which is ultra-modern and unique, setting your library aside from the crowd. With Toup Ceramics, you can pick-out statement pieces for your library. For example, you could opt for a plant pots, bowls or mug to adorn the table you read at.

Botany and Books

Independent book-inspired soy candles and preloved books business
Finally, if you have never heard of Botany and Books, you are in for a treat! Holiday candles not only look incredible but they will ensure that your library is filled with beautiful festive scents. From the North Pole Candle to the Winter Wonderland Candle, there are plenty of options. Place these close to where you sit to read books so that they have the perfect atmospheric spot to read a new book.

If you need help styling bookshelves with your new decor call Book Curate and we would be more than happy to help!
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