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4 reasons why you should hire a professional organiser for your library

Love collecting books, but don’t have the time to organise them? Time to get your own private librarian and organiser

Collecting books for your personal library is one thing, but organising and curating them in a way that reflects yourself and your home is quite another. Building a personal library is a labour of love, but it is not labour that you need to undertake alone. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by your collection, then here are a few reasons why you need a professional organiser to transform your book collection into a library. 

It will save you time

Here at Book Curate, we understand that you live a busy life, and therefore it is likely that you simply do not have the time to organise your own books. By hiring a professional to do the job for you, you can sit back and enjoy your collection during your time off, rather than stressing about how to organise it. With your books arranged in a systematic way, you can also save time when trying to find the book you want or need, enabling you to locate every title as and when you need it.

It will save you money

It may seem odd to invest in a professional organiser to coordinate your collection, but the investment is well worth it if you intend to continue growing your collection with high-value books. A professional organising service can help you to detect duplicates in your collection and to catalogue your existing library so that you can easily see the books you have and plan the purchases you may want to make next. 

You can build an aesthetic that is right for you

Rather than cramming books into every nook and cranny that you can find, by working with a professional organiser who has librarian qualifications, you can enjoy a library that is easy to navigate and simple to use. Whether you would like to alphabetise your books, arrange them by genre, display them by colour, or a combination of all three, a professional organiser can help you to organise your personal library to create an accessible and aesthetic collection that is perfect for your home.  

They can help you to move house

Moving house is stressful at the best of times, let alone when you have a library of beautiful books that need to be carefully relocated to their new room. A professional organiser can work with you in advance of your move to declutter and organise your collection, and can then work alongside your interior designer and moving team to move your personal library into its new home in a way that fits in with your preferred aesthetic. 

Hiring a professional library organiser to look after your home library is not a one time service, but a lifestyle change that will enable you to keep collecting books and to make the most of your growing collection. To find out more about how Book Curate can assist you with your book collection, contact us today - we can’t wait to help you create the library of your dreams. 

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