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Is your library overflowing with books?
Do you need help organising it?
Let us re-curate your library!

Book Curate offers tailored professional library services with a personal approach. Our priority is helping book lovers transform their bookshelves by organising, decluttering and cataloguing their treasured collections into bespoke, functional and stylish libraries that reflect their love for all types of books.   

Library services


Need to create a list of your books in your library for your insurance policy? Our private librarian can help you keep track of your treasured collection for future posterity by creating a dedicated catalogue of your library collection 
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Are you a buyer of books that you're unlikely to read (tsundoku)? Are you frustrated with how many books you have but fear parting with them? Call in an expert to help reevaluate, rehome or resell your collection
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Does the task of re-organising your library cause you stress?  Save time and energy by letting us help you arrange your collection in an order that suits your needs. Alphabetically, chromatically, chronologically, thematically or a mix of above
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"Tavian managed to transform my messy book case into something much more organised & visually appealing. I even found I had lots more space for new books once she'd finished! Tavian is a true professional - the whole experience was so smooth - she really listened to my needs and gave helpful input from the first consultation. I would definitely use her services again. Thank you"
S. Malik

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Why Book Curate?

Save yourself time and energy
Eliminate duplicates to save money
Improve your mental health with a functional library

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