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Book Curate offers a professional library curation service with a personal approach. Our priority is helping book lovers transform and organise their bookshelves, taking into account their unique needs and catering bespoke, functional and stylish libraries. The library we curate for you will reflect your functional needs and match the stylistic preferences you have.

Library services

  • Catalogue

    With a fully tailored catalogue system created by an expert librarian, it’ll become easier to track your books and rediscover titles you’d forgotten about.
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    If you have a lot of titles that you no longer want to keep hold of but you don’t want to confront the task of decluttering your collection, we can take care of that for you.
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    Order and organisation are key in any book collection. We'll bring a personalised and tailored approach to organising your book piles that works for you.
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  • Recommend books

    If you want to develop your library and add books that suit your interests and reading habits, our tailored recommendations will help you achieve that.
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    If you’re going to be moving house soon, our relocation services will take the stress out of the process, packing it and then re-shelving it in the way that you choose.
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    Virtual Assistance

    We provide virtual assistance services to help you develop your own library and guide you with the process of decluttering, organising or cataloguing your books.
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"Tavian managed to transform my messy book case into something much more organised & visually appealing. I even found I had lots more space for new books once she'd finished! Tavian is a true professional - the whole experience was so smooth - she really listened to my needs and gave helpful input from the first consultation. I would definitely use her services again. Thank you"
S. Malik

Why Book Curate?

Save Yourself Time and Energy
Eliminate Duplicates and Save Money
Bring Functionality and Practicality to Your Library

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